Multi-Purpose Nano-Satellite

Cube Sat Structures, Materials and Mechanisms

The Flankers  presents a cubeSat metallic structure design, which considered vitro ceramics coatings. Nowadays, existing commercial options of cubeSat are availables, nevertheless they do not solve all the requirements for a specific mission. Therefore, it is proposed to follow a design protocol to satisfy the structural requirements.

This protocol has four stages:

1) planning and clarification,

2) conceptual design,

3) preliminary design and

4) detail design.

Thereby, it is described the structural dynamics as a consequence of the induced loads by the launch vehicle. Also, it includes a verification process that assess numerical simulations performed using ANSYS, such as convergence analysis. The results are presented in two parts:

1) the metallic structure geometry

2) behavior evaluation on special-mechanics loads conditions, which must to bear. This evaluation is supported by statics, modal & harmonic response, random vibration and response spectra analysis.

Finally, according the proposed protocol, a metallic structure was obtained, which complies with the requirements and specifications defined by the first stage of the design protocol allowing the integration with other CubeSat subsystems.

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