Climate Change

Climate Change

Flankers is a leading pioneer that focused on  Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier and Digitalization in Egypt . We are supplying Highly digitalized Air Pollution Control System across Globe at most Fair prices suitable for SMES sectors . An Air Pollution Control System is Necessity in the present Industrial Scenario because of Strict Compliance Standards, increased enforcement, and uplifted community pressure. Being a responsible organization, we all are committed to keep our facilities in better compliance with current guidelines and continuously seek opportunities to minimise the Ecological Impact. Air Pollution Control Equipment can help you sort through these options to find the right solution for your association.

Air pollution is a type of environmental pollution that affects the atmosphere and is usually due to smoke from Industries or other harmful gases, mainly oxides of carbon, sulphur and nitrogen. Air contamination may originate from reliable industries or natural sources. Stratospheric ozone depletion because of the Air Pollution has been perceived as a danger to Human health just as to the world’s ecological systems.

Factory Pollution Is a Leading Global Environmental Problem

Industrial factories are major contributors to air pollution. The amount of toxic gases that factories release into the air increases health and environmental damage. In factories, toxic materials and gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, are burned and pumped out into the atmosphere that affect negatively the climate change .

How Can We Reduce Factory Pollution?

How can factories’ air pollution be monitored by the government?

How can the factory know that it has not exceeded the permissible percentage of pollution?

The Answer is The Flankers!


  • 1

    Digital Platform for both Government & Factories which monitor greenhouse gas emissions  with accurate readings and updates by the minute.
  • 2

    Hardware system that monitors greenhouse gas emissions and this system is connected remotely to the platform using wireless modules ..
  • 3

    Recommended Solutions & Technical  data to the factories to help them to minimize the pollution rates .
  • 4

    Quad-copter for measuring pollution content of ambient air, including: urban air quality network, industrial emission monitoring, safety monitoring, roadside monitoring, air quality research and it can fly over the factories to double check if the factory exceed the pollution (green house gases protocols)

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